Activate Your Faith

“God hath spoken in His holiness: I will rejoice, I will divide Shechem, and mete out the valley of Succoth.” – Psalm 108:7

Whenever you look into the Word of God and read what “God hath spoken” to you, see that you appropriate it. Suppose that He has promised you comfort, do not rest satisfied without that comfort. Suppose He has promised you joy and peace in believing; never rest till you have that joy and peace. Suppose He has promised you complete sanctification, full deliverance from the power of evil, do not be satisfied till you are delivered from it all. Never say, “Ah, that is a constitutional sin; that is the result of my temperament.” No, brother, if the Lord hath promised you the victory over your enemies, be not satisfied till you have planted your foot on their necks, and they are in subjection to you. Some Christian people are living, spiritually, on a penny a week, when their income might be ten thousand a day. You might live like kings, yet you are starving like paupers. Your faith might lay hold on God’s exceeding great and precious promises, and so fill her mouth with good things; but, instead of doing so, you are quivering with the palsy of unbelief, and so not grasping what God has put within your reach…Oh, if our faith did but really grip the promises, and believe in the promise-keeping God, she would never rest till she possessed all the blessings that are really hers!…If you have leave given you to go to Windsor Castle, or Buckingham Palace, as often as you like, and to take whatever you please that is there, and to be treated as a prince, I warrant that you would not need anyone to remind you that you had not been to either place for weeks. If you had such privileges accorded to you, you would be sure to avail yourselves of them; yet here are the gates of the palace of prayer always open to you, and the doors of communion never shut against you, and Jesus, the great King of kings, not only inviting you to come unto Him, but even urging you to abide in Him, and never to depart from Him…So, if we have faith in God, we ought to take possession of all that is ours, and, further, we ought to know what we really do possess. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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