C.H.S. Links

My appreciation for these websites and all who are involved in putting them together for us for our exhortation, edification and enjoyment:

Ask Spurgeon -a website where CHS answers your faith questions

The Charles Spurgeon Sermon Collection

Conversion of C. H. Spurgeon: The Prince of PreachersWould you like to know how such a man got saved? Here is his own description of it

You Tube- Spurgeon’s Conversion-an autobiography

The Letters of C.H. Spurgeon

C.H.S. Prayers

Spurgeon’s prayers

Christians Unite Daily Devotionals -where some of the Spurgeon daily devotionals on this blog comes from.

Pilgrim’s Progressa free online e-book. Spurgeon occasionally mentions the characters of this book in his devotionals

Bible Gateway

Charles Haddon Spurgeon-A Video Lecture/Biography by Christian George

Spurgeon Videosthe You Tube site where the vast majority of C.H.S.’ sermons for this site come from

Another site for Spurgeon videos

Charles Spurgeon – The Prince of Preachers Facebook page

Texts to Spurgeon’s Sermons

The Treasury of David-texts

Through the Eyes of Spurgeon a fascinating documentary of his life

The Spurgeon Center 

Did Surgeon Celebrate Christ Mass? some say, yes, some say, no, some say he was on the fence…

Charles Haddon Spurgeon Prince of Preachers a Facebook community

Our Beloved Lord God, bless these ministries in all that they do for Your Kingdom, by Your power and for Your glory, amen! \o/

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