All Things Are Mine

Therefore, let no man glory in men. For all things are yours…And ye are Christ’s; and Christ is God’s. – 1 Corinthians 3:21,23

The Bible is a dull book to a person who has no part or lot in it. There is no drier reading, in all the world, than the reading of a will in which one has no interest; but there is nothing that would interest you more than listening to the will of your old uncle, in which he had left you a large fortune. You would lean forward, and you would put your hand to your ear lest you should lose any of it, and you would think that you had never heard a more eloquent discourse than that, and when a man gets to know what “God hath spoken,” what he hath written for him in this blessed Book, which contains His will, every word is music to him, and he is ready to pick out some of the choicest words, and say, “Regeneration is mine; justification is mine; adoption is mine; sanctification is mine; union to Christ is mine; resurrection is mine; eternal life is mine; yea, all things are mine;” and he would dwell upon each one with a holy unction, at least to his own soul. Then, if you know what God has given you, mind that you use it all...Christian, if you have true faith, and mean to do real business with God, and for Him, say to yourself, “I have this, and that, and the other blessing, and I am going to use them all for His glory. I have been adopted by God; I am His child; so I will plead with Him and will get all I can from my Father to use in His service! I am justified, I have peace with God; so I will go forth, and, in the power of that peace, I will let others see what bliss Christians know. Then I also have sanctification given me in Christ; so I will use that, and seek to be a true saint, that my life may be a blameless, holy, gracious, Christ-like life. By God’s grace, I will not have even one unused privilege. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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