A Free Forgiveness

Take with you words, and turn to the LORD: say unto Him, “Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously.” – Hosea 14:2

Have you turned to ceremonies? Do you look for rest in sacraments? You look that way in vain; for they are not the way of salvation. Turn rather to the Lord as He is revealed in the Lord Jesus. Take with you words and turn to the Lord Himself. Against Him you have sinned: to Him make confession. You need that His anger should be turned away; seek, then, a free forgiveness from Himself. It is His love that you want: go to Him for it, and He will receive you graciously, and love you freely.

“Take with you words and say unto Him.” He says the words, that the sinner may make them his own, and say them after Him. In this condescending style He teaches the returning sinner how to pray. What a gracious God He is! Suppose a case. A great king has been grievously offended by a rebellious subject, but in kindness of heart he wills to be reconciled. He invites the rebel to sue for pardon. He replies, “O King, I would fain be forgiven, but how can I properly approach your offended majesty? I am anxious to present such a petition as you can accept, but I know not how to draw it up.” Suppose this great king were to say, “I will draw up the petition for you,” what confidence the supplicant would feel in presenting the petition! He brings to the king his own words. He prays the prayer he is bidden to pray. By the very fact of drawing up the petition, the monarch pledged himself to grant it. O my hearer, the Lord puts it into your mouth to say this morning, “Take away all iniquity.” May you find it in your heart to pray in that fashion! That prayer is best which is offered in God’s own way and is of God’s own prompting. May you present such a prayer at once! ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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