Take with You Words and Turn to the Lord

Take with you words, and turn to the LORD: say unto Him, “Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously…” I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely: for Mine anger is turned away from him. – Hosea 14:2,4

The Lord helps our ignorance and our fear. He gives us direction as to what to bring. Read the second verse. “Ah!” saith the sinner, “I do not know what to take with me in approaching the Most High. I have no bullocks, no lambs, no incense. In my hand there is no price of money or merit.” The answer is, “Take with you words.” Your heart is right; you are longing for salvation; you need not say, “Wherewith shall I come before the Lord, and bow myself before the high God?” “Take with you words”; you have plenty of them. The heart must be there first, and then nothing more is asked than “words.” This is simple enough; he that hath a tongue can bring words. O man and woman, whatever else you cannot bring, you can bring words; for indeed you have multiplied words to sin. The Lord is helping you to return, you need not hesitate for want of an offering, since He saith, “Take with you words.” This is but another version of our grand hymn-

“Nothing in my hand I bring:
Simply to Thy cross I cling;
Naked, come to Thee for dress;
Helpless, look to Thee for grace;
Foul, I to the fountain fly;
Wash me Saviour, or I die.”

And then, the Lord helps the coming sinner by a direction as to where to turn. “Take with you words and turn to the Lord.” “I was wanting to see the minister,” saith one. Turn to the Lord! “I desire to converse with a man of God.” Turn to the Lord! We read in the book of Job, “To which of the saints wilt thou turn?” My answer would be-Sinner, turn thou to the sinner’s Friend, and leave the saints alone. If thou wouldst be saved turn not to Peter, nor James, nor John; but turn to Him whom all these call “Master and Lord.” “Take with you words and turn to the Lord.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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