Honey and Milk

Thy lips, O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb: honey and milk are under thy tongue. – Song of Songs 4:11

The things that are under the tongue are thoughts that have never yet been expressed; they do not get to the top of the tongue, but lie there half formed and are ready to come out; but either because they cannot come out, or we have not time to let them out, there they remain, and never come into actual words. Now Jesus Christ thinks very much even of these; He says, “Honey and milk are under thy tongue;” and Christian meditation and Christian contemplation are to Christ like honey for sweetness and like milk for nourishment. Honey and milk are two things with which the land of Canaan was said to flow; and so the heart of a Christian flows with milk and honey, like the land which God gave to His ancient people. “Well,” says one, “I cannot find that my heart is like that. If I do sit down and think of Jesus, my thoughts turn upon the glories of His person and the excellency of His office; but oh, sir, my thoughts are such dull, cold, useless things, they do not feed me or delight me.” Ah but, you see, Christ does not estimate them as you do; He feeds on them, they are like honey to Him, and though you think little of your own thoughts, and are right in so doing, yet, oh remember, such is the love of Jesus, such is His abundant condescension and compassion, that the very least things that you have He values at a great price. The words you are not speaking the words you cannot utter, the groans you cannot bring out-these the Holy Spirit utters for you, and these Jesus treasures up as choice and peculiarly precious thing. “Honey and milk are under thy tongue.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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