Thou Art All Fair, My Love

…the smell of thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon. – Song of Songs 4:11

What should you think if Jesus should meet you at the close of the day, and say to you, “I am pleased with the works of to-day?” I know you would reply, “Lord, I have done nothing for Thee.” You would say like those at the last day, “Lord when saw we Thee hungry and fed Thee? When saw we Thee thirsty and gave Thee drink?” You would begin to deny that you had done any good thing. He would say, “Ah, when thou wast under the fig tree I saw thee; when thou wast at thy bedside in prayer I heard thee. I saw thee when the tempter came and thou saidst, ‘Get thee hence, Satan;’ I saw thee give thine alms to one of my poor sick children; I heard thee speak a good word to the little child and teach him the name of Jesus; I heard thee groan when swearing polluted thine ears; I heard thy sigh when thou sawest the iniquity of this great city; I saw thee when thine hands were busy, I saw that thou wast not an eye-servant or a man-pleaser, but that in singleness of purpose thou didst serve God in doing thy daily business; I saw thee, when the day was ended, give thyself to God again; I have marked thee mourning over the sins thou hast committed and I tell thee I am pleased with thee.” “The smell of thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon.” And, again, I hear you say, “But, Lord, I was angry, I was proud,” and He says, “But I have covered up this, I have cast it into the depths of the sea; I have blotted it all out with My blood. I can see no ill in thee; thou art all fair, My love, there is no spot in thee.” What would you do then? Would you not at once fall down at His feet and say, “Lord, I never knew love like this: I have heard that love covers a multitude of sins, but I never knew a love so broad as to cover all mine. And then to declare that thou canst see no sin in me at all-ah! that is love!” It may melt our heart, and make us seek to be holy, that we might not grieve Christ, make us labor to be diligent in His service, that we might not dishonor Him.

Lord, I will seek to be more holy, to live nearer to Thee; I will ask for grace, that my actions may be really what Thou sayest they are. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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