Are We Redeemed from the Power of Evil?

Sanctify them through Thy truth: Thy word is truth. – John 17:17

Sanctification is a higher word than purification; for it includes that word and vastly more: it is not sufficient to be negatively clean; we need to be adorned with all the virtues. Children of God should exhibit the love of God, they should be filled with zeal for His glory, they should live generous, unselfish lives, they should walk with God, and commune with the Most High. Our Lord Jesus contemplated the sending of each one of us into the world even as the Father sent Him into the world; but how can He give a mission to unsanctified men and women? Must not the vessels of the Lord be clean? Without sanctification we cannot enjoy the innermost sweets of our holy faith. The unsanctified are full of doubts and fears; and what wonder? The unsanctified often say of the outward exercise of religion, “What a weariness it is!” and no wonder, for they know not the internal joys of it, having never learned to delight themselves in God. If they walk not in the light of the Lord’s countenance, how can they know the heaven below which comes of true godliness? Oh, it is a prayer that needs to be prayed for me, for you, for this church, and for the whole church of God! “Father, sanctify them through Thy truth.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon

2 thoughts on “Are We Redeemed from the Power of Evil?

  1. The world if full of those who claim to be a christian as they apply their lives to the way of the world. Spurgeon makes the good point by saying ” How can we be saved from sin if sin has still dominion over us? If we are not living holy, godly, spiritual lives, how can we say that we are redeemed from the power of evil?” Great post! God Bless and Keep you Always close Sherry.

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    • Truth! At least we need to strive for a holy life, but there are many who think they are Christians who live licentiously. And they wont be corrected! I met a man who knew the scriptures but one: that his righteousness is as filthy rags. He argued a bit with me until I realized there was no convincing him that he was not “good enough” and needed Jesus’ righteousness.

      Have a blessed day, Julia! \o/

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