To Become Master-fishers

And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after Me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. – Mark 1:17

We are like the fishes, making sin to be our element; and the good Lord comes, and with the gospel net He takes us, and He delivers us from the life and love of sin. But He has not wrought for us all that He can do, nor all that we should wish Him to do, when He has done this; for it is another and a higher miracle to make us who were fish to become fishers-to make the saved ones saviours-to make the convert into a converter-the receiver of the gospel into an imparter of that same gospel to other people. I think I may say to every person whom I am addressing: If you are saved yourself, the work is but half done until you are employed to bring others to Christ. You are as yet but half formed in the image of your Lord. You have not attained to the full development of the Christ-life in you unless you have commenced in some feeble way to tell to others of the grace of God: and I trust that you will find no rest to the sole of your foot till you have been the means of leading many to that blessed Savior who is your confidence and your hope. His word is-Follow Me, not merely that you may be saved, nor even that you may be sanctified; but, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Be following Christ with that intent and aim; and fear that you are not perfectly following Him unless in some degree He is making use of you to be fishers of men. The fact is, that every one of us must take to the business of a mancatcher. If Christ has caught us, we must catch others. If we have been apprehended of Him, we must be His constables, to apprehend rebels for Him. Let us ask Him to give us grace to go a-fishing, and so to cast our nets that we may take a great multitude of fishes. Oh that the Holy Ghost may raise up from among us some master-fishers, who shall sail their boats in many a sea, and surround great shoals of fish! ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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