Beware of a Sunny-Weather Religion

But I have trusted in Thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in Thy salvation. -Psalm 13:5

“If on my face for Thy dear name,
Shame and reproach may be;
I’ll hail reproach and welcome shame,
For Thou (shalt) remember me.”

It takes some pluck, but we ought to have it in the cause of Christ. Your mean, miserable wretches that will only go out to follow Christ in sunny weather, and get them gone again when a cloud darkens the sky, deserve well the wrath that comes upon them. They are like the Nautilus, very well on the placid sea, but the first billow that arises they furl their sails and drop into the deep, and are seen no more. Oh! beware, beware, beware of a sunny-weather religion; beware of a religion that will not stand the fire; but be you such that, if all the world forsook Christ, you would say, “I will rejoice in His salvation”; and if you were turned out of doors, if you were turned out of the world itself, and thought not fit to live, you would yet be content to have it so, if you might be numbered with the people of God, and be permitted to rejoice in His salvation.

I cannot forget, when I sat as a young lad under the gallery of a little place of worship, hearing the gospel simply preached-the blessed moment when I was led to resolve to follow Christ. I have never been ashamed of having done so. I have never had to regret it. He is a blessed Master. He has handled me roughly lately, but He is a blessed Master. I would follow at His heels if only like a dog, for it is better to be His dog than to be the devil’s darling. He is a blessed Master…O eternal Spirit, come and touch some heart, and make this, their spiritual birthright, that they may say, “I will rejoice in Thy salvation.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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