All the Kingdoms of the Earth Are Ours

…and we shall reign on the earth.”- Revelation 5:10

Jesus, our Lord, is to be King of all the earth, and rule all nations in a glorious spiritual, personal reign. The saints, as being kings in Christ, have a right to the whole world…Some persons say, “Keep to your own place and preach,” and I have heard the advice, “Do not go out of your parish.” But Rowland Hill used to say he never went out of his parish in his life; his parish was England, Scotland, and Wales, and he never went out of it…When we see a city full of sin and iniquity, what should we say? That is ours, we will go and storm it. When we see a street or some crowded area, where the people are very bad and wicked, we should say, “That is our alley, we will go and take it.” When we see a house where people will not receive the gospel, we should say, “That is our house, we will go and attack it.” We will not go with the strong arm of the law; we will not ask the policeman, or government to help us; but take with us “the weapons of our warfare.” which “are not carnal, but spiritual, and mighty through God, to the pulling down of strongholds.” We will go, and by God’s Spirit we shall overcome. There is a town where the children are running about the street, uneducated; we will go and take those children, kidnap them for Christ…There is a part of the world where the inhabitants are sunk in ignorance and superstition: we will send a missionary to them. Ah! those who do not like missionary enterprise, do not know the dignity of the saint. Talk of India; talk of China.; “it is mine,” saith the saint. All the kingdoms of the earth are ours. “Africa is my washpot-I will triumph over Asia. They are mine! they are mine!” “Who shall bring me into the strong city?” Is it not Thou, O Lord? God shall give us the kingdom of Christ. The whole earth is ours; and by the power of the Holy Ghost, Bel shall bow, Nebo shall stoop, the gods of the heathen, Buddha and Brahma, shall be cast down, and all nations bow before the sceptre of Christ. “He has made us kings.”~ C.H. Spurgeon

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