Another Gospel Invitation Sent

Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden… all things are ready: come unto the marriage. Matthew 22:4

Observe that they had been bidden, and then called; after the Oriental custom, the call intimated that the festival was now approaching, so that they were not taken unawares, but knew what they did. The second invitation they rejected in cold blood, deliberately, and with intent. What did the monarch do? …He said in himself, “Peradventure they mistook my servants, peradventure they did not understand that the hour was come. Perhaps the message that was delivered to them was too brief, and they missed its meaning. Or, if perchance, they have fallen into some temporary enmity against me, on reconsideration, they will wish that they had not been so rude, and ungenerous to me. What have I done that they should refuse my dinner? What has my son done that they should not be willing to honor him by feasting at my table. Men love feasting, my son deserves their honor-why should they not come? I will pass over the past and begin again.” My hearers, there are many of you who have rejected Christ after many invitations, and my Lord forgets your former unkindnesses, and sends me again with the same message, again to bid you “come to the wedding.” It is no small patience which overlooks the past and perseveres in kindness, honestly desiring your good.

Brethren and sisters since Christ finds many loath to honor Him, my exhortation is to you who love Him, honor Him the more since the world will not…Intercede for those who will not come, that the Lord will enlighten their understandings, and change their wills, that they may be yet constrained to believe in Jesus. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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