The Gospel Feast

The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son… – Matthew 22:2

The Son of God has graciously been pleased to stand towards us. He has undertaken to be a Savior, in order that He might be a bridegroom. He had enough glory before, but in the greatness of His heart, He would magnify His compassion even above His power, and He therefore condescended to take into union with Himself the nature of man, in order that He might redeem the beloved objects of His choice from the penalty due to their sins and might enter into the nearest conceivable union with them. It is as Savior that the Father seeks to honor the Son, and the gospel feast is not for the honor of His person merely, but for the honor of His person in this new, yet anciently purposed relationship.

The marriage is with whom? With angels? He took not up angels. It is a marriage with our own nature, “He took up the seed of Abraham.” Shall we not rejoice when heaven’s great Lord is incarnate as a man, and stoops to redeem humanity from the ruin of the fall? Arise ye who slumber! If there was ever an occasion when ye should bestir your spirits and cry “wake up my glory, awake psaltery and harp” it is now, when Jesus comes to be affianced to His Church, to make Himself of one flesh with her, that He may redeem her, and afterwards exalt her to sit with Him upon His throne. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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