Seeking for Jesus

When the people saw that Jesus was not there, neither His disciples, they also took shipping, and came to Capernaum, seeking for Jesus. – John 6:24

The persons who are here described as seeking for Jesus, were looking after Him from a very mean and selfish motive, not because of the gracious words which He spake, nor to render Him thanks for benefits received at His hands, but merely because they had eaten of the loaves and fishes and hoped to do so again. From such sordid motives let us flee.

“Seeking for Jesus” has a large amount of hopefulness in it; it is as the almond tree in blossom, though as yet fruit there is not. The seeker at any rate is not indifferent now; he is not a careless sluggard, demanding yet more sleep and folding of the hands; he is not a defiant rebel, daring the wrath of God with blasphemous audacity; he is no longer a denier of revelation; he would not be seeking for Jesus unless he had some kind of faith-at any rate, a theoretical faith-in a Savior, and in his need of Him… For an alarmed and awakened sinner to seek rest in ceremonies, will be a search for bread among ashes; to labor for salvation by thine own righteousness, will be looking for substance among dreams. Thy seeking after Jesus shows that thou art on the right track, and though as yet thou hast not reached the haven, the helm is set in the right direction, and I am grateful to God for it, and encouraged concerning thee…What a pleasing sight it is to see a man who has formerly been prayerless, casting himself upon his knees in secret! How gratifying to see the unread Bible brought out from the dust and carefully studied! Methinks an angel must look on with holy interest when he sees the fresh tear fall in the solitary chamber, and the unaccustomed suppliant bow before his God. Glad are those blessed spirits when they hear the seeker say, “O God, I will seek Thee until I find Thee; I will cry unto Thee till I receive an answer of peace.” …A heart that turns itself to Christ if haply it may find Him, is evidently in a hopeful condition. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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