Friend, how camest thou in hither not having a wedding garment? – Matthew 22:12

But Jesus said to him, “Friend, why have you come?” – Matthew 26:50

It was too high a day for the king to use rough speech; the man pretended to be a friend, and he addressed him as such, but though the word I doubt not was uttered softly, it must have stung him if he had any feeling left. Judas exemplified in his own person this character. When he gave the Saviour the traitor’s kiss, our Lord addressed him as “friend.” He pretended to be a friend. A friend, indeed, to insult his king at his own table, and to select for the insult the delicate occasion of the prince’s marriage to which he had been hospitably invited! The king put it to him, “How camest thou in hither? In hither? Was there nowhere else to pour forth thy sedition, no other spot in which to play the traitor? Needest thou come into my palace, and to my table, and before my son on his wedding day to reveal thy enmity? Was there a need to do this?” So may the Lord say to some of us. “Were there no other ways to sin, but that you must profess to be My servant when you were not so? Were there no other bowls that you could drink from, that ye must profane the cups of My table? Was there no other bread that you could put into your wicked mouths but the bread that represents the body of My Son? Had you nowhere else to sin in that you must needs sin in the church? Could you do nothing else to show your spite but that you must make a lying profession of faith in My Son, who bled upon the cross to redeem the sons of men? Could you assail Me nowhere else but through the wounds of My only begotten Son? Could you vex My Spirit by no other means than by pretending to be My friend, and thrusting yourself in hither, while defiantly rejecting that which was necessary to do Me honour, and to do My Son honour, at the festival of My grace?” I dare not dwell upon the topic. I give you the text; I pray that your conscience may preach the sermon. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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