God Will Be Glorified

Alleluia; Salvation, and glory, and honour, and power, unto the Lord our God…Revelation 19:1

For what is the end of the gospel ministry? Some will say it is to convert sinners. That is a collateral end. Others will say it is to convert the saints. That is true. But the proper answer to give is that it is to glorify God, and, God is glorified even in the damnation of sinners. If I testify to them the truth of God and they reject His gospel; if I faithfully preach His truth, and they scorn it, my ministry is not therefore void. It has not returned to God void, for even in the punishment of those rebels He will be glorified, even in their destruction He will get Himself honor; and if He cannot get praise from their songs, He will at last get honor from their condemnation and overthrow, when He shall cast them into the fire for ever. The true motive for which we should always labor, is the glory of God in the conversion of souls; and building up of God’s people; but let us never lose sight of the great end. Let God be glorified; and He will be if we preach His truth faithfully and honestly. So, therefore, while we should seek for souls, if God denies them unto us, let us not say, “I will not have other mercies that He has given;” but let us comfort ourselves with the thought that, though they be not saved, though Israel be not gathered in, God will glorify and honor us at last… Glory and honor, praise and power, be unto God, that He thus honors His people. But when He exalts us most, we will still conclude with, “Not unto us, not unto us, but unto Thy name be all the glory for ever and ever.”~ C.H. Spurgeon


4 thoughts on “God Will Be Glorified

  1. I listened to a sermon online last night and the pastor, who is also a street evangelist, said something worth remembering: When asked, How many lost souls have you brought to the Lord? He said, All of them! Everyone we share the Gospel with, whether they heed it or not, has been brought to the Lord.


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