Pictures of Christ’s Resurrection for Believers

It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again… – Romans 8:34

Christ’s death was, as it were, the digging out of the gold of grace out of the deep mines of Jesus’ sufferings. Christ coined, so to speak, the gold which should be the redemption of His children, but the resurrection was the minting of that gold; it stamped it with the Father’s impress as the current coin of the realm of heaven. The gold itself was fused in the atoning sacrifice, but the minting of it, making it into that which should be the current coin of the merchant, was the resurrection of Christ…To put Christ’s resurrection yet in another aspect. His death was the digging of the well of salvation. Stern was the labour, toilsome was the work; He dug on, and on, and on, through rocks of suffering, into the deepest caverns of misery; but the resurrection was the springing up of the water. Christ digged the well to its very bottom, but not a drop did spring up; still was the world dry and thirsty, till on the morning of the resurrection a voice was heard, “Spring up O well,” and forth came Christ Himself from the grave, and with Him came the resurrection and the life; pardon and peace for all souls sprang up from the deep well of His misery…Christ was, in His death, the hostage of the people of God. He was the representative of all the elect. When Christ was bound to the tree, I see my own sin bound there; when He died every believer virtually died in Him; when He was buried we were buried in Him, and when He was in the tomb, He was, as it were, God’s hostage for all His church, for all that ever should believe on Him…When the hostage came out, behold the first fruit of the harvest! When God said, “Let My Anointed go free, I am satisfied and content in Him,” then every elect vessel went free in Him; then every child of God was released from durance vile no more to die, or to know bondage or fetter for ever. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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