Christ Has Risen

It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again… – Romans 8:34

We generally receive more comfort at the cross than we do at the empty sepulchre. And yet this is just through our ignorance and through the blindness of our eyes; for verily to the enlightened believer there is more consolation in Jesus arising from the tomb, than there is in Jesus nailed to the cross…Now what has the resurrection of Christ from the dead to do with the justification of a believer? I take it thus: Christ, by His death, paid to His Father the full price of what we owed to Him. God did as it were hold a bond against us which we could not pay. The alternative of this bond, if not paid, was that we should be sold for ever under sin and should endure the penalty of our transgressions in unquenchable fire. Now Jesus, by His death, paid all the debt; to the utmost farthing that was due from us to God Christ did pay by His death. Still the bond was not cancelled until the day when Christ rose from the dead; then did His Father, as it were, rend the bond in halves, and blot it out, so that thenceforward it ceases to have effect. It is true that death was the payment of the debt, but resurrection was the public acknowledgment that the debt was paid. “Now,” says Paul, “yea rather, He is risen from the dead.” O Christian, thou canst not be condemned, for Christ has paid the debt. Look at His gore, as it distils from His body in Gethsemane and on the accursed tree. But rather, lest there should be a shadow of a doubt, that thou canst not be condemned, thy debts are cancelled. Here is the full receipt; the resurrection hath rent the bond in twain. And now at Gods right hand there is not left a record of thy sin; for when our Lord Jesus Christ quitted the tomb, He left thy sin buried in it-once for all cast away-never to be recovered. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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