Omnipotence Hath Servants Everywhere

Look unto Abraham…for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him. – Isaiah 51:2

The same Spirit who called Abraham by a supernatural voice can call others by the word of truth…”Omnipotence hath servants everywhere.” Let us never dream that the God of Abraham is short of means for calling out chosen men to build up His church. Surely Christian people should never doubt the power of God to raise up lights in dark places when we remember that the greatest preacher of the gospel, namely, the apostle Paul, was drafted into the army of Christ from the ranks of His direst foes. The proud Pharisee, a fanatic of the fanatics, embittered against Christ, and persecuting His people, became the earnest advocate of Christ Jesus. Aforetime his breath was threatening with slaughter, yet on the road to Damascus he was conquered and transformed. As a lion roareth over his prey, so did Paul rejoice that the saints in Damascus were now in his power; but the Lord struck him down, and turned the lion to a lamb, and henceforth where sin abounded grace did much more abound. First in the ranks of Christian heroes stands the man who called himself the chief of sinners because he persecuted the church of God. My brethren, as Luther came from among the monks, so out of Rome, yea, from the Vatican itself, can God, if He wills, call another Luther. The darkness of the times cannot forbid it, for God is Light. The weakness of the church cannot hinder it, for all power belongeth unto God. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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