How Fair! How Precious!

How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! – Song of Songs 4:10

Thy love, poor, feeble, and cold though it be, is very precious unto the Lord Jesus, in fact it is so precious, that He Himself cannot tell how precious it is. He does not say how precious, but He says, “how fair.” This is an expression that men use when they do not know how to describe anything. They lift up their hands, they put in a note of exclamation, and they say, “How fair! how precious! how much better is thy love than wine!” The fact is, that Jesus values our love at such a price, that the Holy Spirit when He dictated this Song of Solomon, could not see any word in all human language that was large enough to set forth Christ’s estimation of our love. Have you never thought of Christ’s love to you, till your heart has been melted, while your Beloved spoke to you, till the tears have run down your eyes, and you have believed you could do as Mary Magdalene did, could kiss His feet, and wash them with your tears, and wipe them with the hairs of your head? Now can you believe it? Just what you think of Christ’s love, Christ thinks of yours. You value His love, and you are right in so doing; but I am afraid that still you undervalue it. He even values your love, if I may so speak, He sets a far higher estimate upon it than you do; He thinks very much of little, He estimates it not by its strength, but by its sincerity. “Ah,” He says, “he does love Me, he does love Me, I know he does; he sins, he disobeys Me, but still I know he loves Me and his heart is true; he does not love Me as I deserve, but still he loves Me.” Jesus Christ is delighted with the thought that His people love Him; this cheers and gladdens Him. Just as the thought of His love gladdens us, so the thought of our love gladdens Him. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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