Our Trust

I know thy works…for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My word, and hast not denied My name. – Revelation 3:8

“Thou hast kept My word, and thou hast not denied My name.” What does this mean?

Does it not mean that they had received the word of God; for if they had not heard it and held it they could not have kept it. It was theirs, they heard it and had no wish to hear anything else. It was theirs, they read it and searched it and made it their own. They hoarded up divine knowledge in their memories, preserved it in their affections, used it in their experience, and practiced it in their lives. They were not ashamed of revealed truth, but, on the contrary, they took it for their possession, their heritage, their treasure, their all. I trust that many of us can say that the doctrines of grace are our jewels, our estate, yes, our very life. God has put us in trust with the gospel, and we will sooner part with all that we have than be false to our trust. It is no small privilege so to be taught of the Holy Ghost as to have a taste for the gospel, a deep attachment to the truths of the covenant.

We may be sure that they loved the word of God. They had an intense delight in it. They appreciated it: they fed upon it. They stored it up as bees store away honey, and they were as ready to defend it as bees are to guard their stores. They meditated upon it; they sought to understand it; they took delight in everything which came from the mouth of God. Oh, dear child of God, you may be very little in Israel; but if you love the word of God there is a something about you in which God takes delight. He sees you at your Bible-reading, He marks you in your endeavours to get at the meaning of His word, He notes you when you sit down and meditate upon His divine thoughts, and He takes pleasure in your eagerness to know what the will of the Lord is. He says, “I know thy works”; and though you may be one of little influence and little ability, yet He is pleased with you because you are pleased with His word. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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