Seeing Him who is Invisible

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. – Hebrews 11:1

The patience of hope is a very important part of Christian life, and faith is the essence of it. Many are called to suffer much in daily life. Ah me! what a world of misery there is in this great city, among even good and gracious people! A man might study London till he turned his brain. The poverty and the suffering of even godly people in London would be a subject too harrowing for those of you who have specially tender hearts. Let us not forget those members of Christ’s mystical body that are in the fire: “His feet are like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace.” Few, if any, are without sorrow, and many saints have a double portion of grief in their pilgrimage…Assuredly, you will not hold out without true faith, and much of it. You must endure, “as seeing Him who is invisible.” You must joy in God, or you will not joy at all. Earthly comforts are not yours; but if you grasp the spiritual and the eternal you will not repine. If in this life only you had hope, you would be of all men most miserable; but having that hope, you are among men most happy. The solitary place shall be glad for you, and the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the rose. Commend me to firm faith for power to bear the daily cross. He that believeth hath everlasting life, and the joys which come of it. Trust thou in thy God, in His love to thee, in His care of thee, and then thou shalt be as the lilies, which toil not, and spin not, and yet are clothed; or as the ravens, which have no store, and yet are fed. Behold thou, by faith, the heaven prepared for thee, and know of a certainty that thou wilt soon be there among the angels; and thou wilt defy cold, and hunger, and nakedness, and shame, and everything else. Thy faith out of weakness shall make thee strong.

There are seas of suffering which the sufferer must navigate alone. No other sail is within sight. Scan the horizon, and nothing is to be seen but wave after wave. Now is the hour for faith in the great Lord, who holds even lonely seas in the hollow of His hand. He knows thy poor body, and He permits it to be frail, and permits thy heart to be trembling, because He will glorify Himself in His tenderness to thy weakness, wherein He will make thee strong. JEHOVAH ROPHI is His name: “The Lord that healeth thee.” Give thyself up to Him, and thou shalt yet sing of His lovingkindness and tender mercies. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

3 thoughts on “Seeing Him who is Invisible

  1. How wonderful it would be if our walk in faith was without suffering, but it is Gods will for the life of all who follow Him in faith. Spurgeon is just the best at writing what the heart wants to say. Thank you for sharing …. I loved this! Be Blessed Always Sherry.

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    • Amen! We are so much more blessed in our sufferings than when things go smoothly and of this I know full well. Spurgeon said that we would be so blessed we would almost desire for difficulties in our life so that we would know the nearness and strength of our Beloved. I used to bristle at that thought until I had to climb the Hill of Difficulty. He spoke the truth, amen!

      God bless you, sister, amen! \o/

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