Altogether Lovely

Yea, he is altogether lovely. – Songs 5:16

Did you ever feel inclined to apologize for Christ? Did He not always stand unbending beneath life’s pressure, upright and unmoved amidst the storms and tempests of an evil world? The vilest calumnies have been uttered against Him, in the age just past which produced creatures similar to Thomas Paine, but they never required an answer; and as for the more refined attacks of our modern skepticism, they are for the most part unworthy even of contempt. They fall beneath the glance of truth, withered by the glance of the eye of honesty. We never feel concerned to vindicate the character of Jesus; we know it to be safe against all comers. No man has been able to conjure up an accusation against Jesus. They seek false witnesses, but their testimony agrees not together. The sharp arrows of slander fall blunted from the shield of His perfectness. Oh, no; He is altogether lovely in this sense-that there is nothing whatever in Him that is not lovely. You may look, and look, and look again, but there is nothing in Him that will not bear scrutiny world without end. Taking the lord Jesus Christ as a whole-this is what our text intends to tell us-He is inexpressibly lovely-altogether lovely. The words are packed as tightly as they can be, but the meaning is greater than the words…if you could labour to conceive something which should be inconceivably lovely, yet still you would not reach to the perfection of Christ Jesus. He is above, not only all we think, but all we dream of.

Do you all believe this? Dear hearers, do you think of Jesus in this fashion? We speak that we do know, and testify that we have seen. But no man among you will receive our witness until he can say, “I also have seen Him, and having seen Him, I set to my seal that He is altogether lovely.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon

4 thoughts on “Altogether Lovely

  1. Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened for us! Too bad so many will die rejecting what true love from our Heavenly Father is 💔😭
    Have a blessed day, sis, knowing no matter what happens today we are loved by our precious heavenly Father ❤️ God is good ALL of the time! All of the time He IS good \o/

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  2. Nothing and no one will ever compare to the LOVE we find in Christ our Lord. A love that has never changed as He is the same yesterday, today and forever and in that we can put our faith. Very good article. God Bless and keep you Always Sherry.

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