His Beauty

Yea, he is altogether lovely. – Songs 5:16

You find all virtues in Jesus, and each one of them at its best. If you would take the best quality of one saint, and the best quality of another-yea, the best out of each and all the myriads of His people, you would find no grace or goodness among them all which Jesus does not possess in the fullest degree and in the highest perfection. He combines all the virtues, and gives them all a sweetness over and beyond themselves. In flowers you have a separate beauty belonging to each; no one flower is just like another, but each one blushes with its own loveliness: but in our Lord these separate and distinct beauties are found united in one. Christ is the posy in which all the beauties of the garden of perfection are bound up. Each gem has its own radiance: the diamond is not like the ruby, nor the ruby like the emerald; but Christ is that ring in which you have sapphire, ruby, diamond, emerald, set in choice order, so that each one heightens the other’s brilliance. Look not for anything lovely out of Jesus, for He has all the loveliness. All perfections are in Him making up one consummate perfection; and all the loveliness which is to be seen elsewhere is but a reflection of His own unrivalled charms...In Him is nothing redundant, nothing overgrown. He is altogether lovely. You never need put the finger over the scar in His case, as Apelles did when he painted his hero. No; tell it all out: reveal the details of His private life and secret thoughts, they need no concealment. Lay bare the very heart of Christ, for that is the essence of love and loveliness. Speak of His death-wounds, for in His scars there is more beauty than in the uninjured comeliness of another: and even when He lies dead in the tomb He is more comely than the immortal angels of God at their best estate. Nothing about our Lord needs to be concealed; even His cross at which His enemies stumble, is to be daily proclaimed, and it will be seen to be one of His choicest beauties. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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