Laid Aside Yet Serving Still

But Moses fled from the face of Pharaoh, and dwelt in the land of Midian…And Moses was content to dwell with the man: and he gave Moses Zipporah his daughter. – Exodus 2:15,21

These times need so much Christian effort that when a man asks me, “How shall I do work for Christ”? I am accustomed to say, “Go and do it.” “But what is the way to do it”? Start at once. Get at it, my brother. Do not be out of harness a minute. But suppose that you are obliged to desist awhile, do not let your interest in the cause of our Lord and Master decline…If you are put away on the shelf, do not rust there, but pray the Master to brighten you up so that when He comes to use you again you may be fully fitted for the work which He has in hand for you.

Spend your time in prayer that you may be fit for the Master’s use, and, meanwhile, be prompt in helping others. You remember that, at the siege of Gibraltar, when the fleet surrounded it and determined to storm the old rock, the governor fired red-hot shot down upon the men of war. The enemy did not at all admire the governor’s warm reception. Think how it was done. Here were gunners on the ramparts firing away, and every man in the garrison would have liked to do the same. What did those do who could not serve a gun? Why, they heated the shot; and that is what you must do. I am master gunner here generally: heat my shot for me, if you will. Keep the furnace going, so that when we do fire off a sermon it may be red-hot, through your earnest prayers. When you see your friends sitting in the Sunday-school, or standing out in the street working for God, if you cannot join them yet say, “Never mind: I will heat the shot for them. My prayers shall not be wanting, if I can contribute nothing else.” That is counsel for you who are for awhile laid on the shelf. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

4 thoughts on “Laid Aside Yet Serving Still

  1. Very good writing!…. Sometimes it is prayers that burn hotter for others than the actual presence of oneself. Thank you for sharing this Sherry. Blessings over you Always Dear Sister in Christ.

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    • Yes! I believe it was Spurgeon who said that prayer was the greater work. Even when weary we can always pray for those in the heat of the battle. Blessings on you always, Julia, amen! \o/

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