A Center of Mercy

“And forthwith, when they were come out of the synagogue, they entered into the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John. “-Mark 1:29

Peter’s house was by no means the most notable building in the town of Capernaum…There hung the fisherman’s nets outside the door-the sole escutcheon and hatchment of one who was ordained to sit upon a throne and judge with his fellow apostles the twelve tribes of Israel. Beneath that lowly roof Immanuel deigned to unveil Himself: God with Simon. Little did Peter know how divine a blessing entered his house when Jews crossed the threshold, nor how vast a river of mercy would stream forth from his door down the streets of Capernaum. Now, dear friend, it may be that your dwelling, though very dear to you, is not very much thought of by anybody else; no poet or historian has ever written its annals, nor artist engraved its image. Perhaps it is not the very poorest cot in the place in which you live; still it is obscure enough, and no one as he rides along asks, “Who dwells there?” or, “What remarkable house is that?” Yet is there no reason why the Lord should not visit you and make your house like that of Obed-edom, in which the ark abode, or like that of Zaccheus to which salvation came. Our Lord can make your dwelling the center of mercy for the whole region, a little sun scattering light in all directions, a spiritual dispensary distributing health to the multitudes around. There is no reason except in yourself why the Lord should not make your residence in a city a greater blessing to it than the cathedral and all its clergy. Jesus cares not for fine buildings and carved stones; He will not disdain to come beneath your cottage roof, and there He will bring a treasury of blessings with Him, which shall enrich your house, and shall ensure the richest of boons to your neighbors. Why should it not be? Have you faith to pray this moment that it may be so? How much do I wish you would! More good by far will be done by a silent prayer now offered by yourself to that effect than by anything which can be spoken by me. If every Christian here will now put up the supplication, “Lord, dwell where I dwell, and in so doing make my house a blessing to the neighborhood,” marvellous results must follow. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


5 thoughts on “A Center of Mercy

  1. So Beautiful an invitation to have the Lord abide within our heart and home! So many times I have thought of this how people are passing by my home not knowing the peace that dwells within as they drive back to their chaotic places. When we are in front of people it is the Spirit of God they have in front of them as we house the living God inside. Spurgeon sure has a way of getting his point across. Loved this share. Be Blessed Always and stay strong in the one who has called you from darkness to light Sherry.

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    • Amen, Julia! \o/
      In this morning’s prayer I asked our Beloved to make His presence known to all who come into our presence wherever we may go. Let it be so, amen! \o/ My brother has often come to my house saying he feels peace here. May he be given a desire for what, no, who, it is that I have…

      Have a wonderfully blessed day in the Lord, sis, amen!

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      • I pray Sherry your brother will come to know the peace you now enjoy in the Lord. I too have a brother who needs the Lord as well, and I believe the one who graced us with His Holy Spirit knows how our heart longs for our loved ones to know Him as well. Blessings Always.

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      • We are in agreement and as two shall agree as touching anything it shall be done. To God Be The Glory Sister! Our Father sees us sheep sitting here this very minute praying for our brothers. Stay strong.

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