Excited Interest Wrought by the Holy Spirit

…He shall teach you all things… – John 14:26

In teaching God’s people, one of the first things the Spirit does is to excite interest in their minds. I frequently find that when men are being educated for the ministry, the hardest thing is to get them going. They are like bats on the ground; if once a bat gets on the earth he cannot fly until he creeps to the top of a stone and gets a little above the earth, and then he gets wing and can fly well enough. So there are many who have not got their energies aroused, they have talent but it is asleep, and we want a kind of railway-whistle to blow in their ears to make them start up and rub away the film from their eyes so that they may see. Now it is just so with men, when the Spirit of God begins to teach them. He excites their interest in the things which He wishes them to learn; He shows them that these things have a personal bearing upon their soul’s present and eternal welfare. He so brings precious truth home, that what the man thought was utterly indifferent yesterday, he now begins to esteem inestimably precious “Oh!” said he, “theology! Oh, what use can it be to me?” But now the knowledge of Christ and Him crucified has become to him the most desirable and excellent of all the sciences. The Holy Spirit awakens his interest.

Now, the Holy Spirit makes a man willing to learn…”Lord, humble me; Lord, bring me down; teach me those things that will make me cover my head with dust and ashes; show me my nothingness; teach me my emptiness; reveal to me my filthiness.” So that the Holy Spirit thus proceeds with His work awaking interest, and enkindling a teachable spirit. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


2 thoughts on “Excited Interest Wrought by the Holy Spirit

  1. Spurgeon in his humbleness was always able to get the point across of the most important of messages, that at times is hard to do. Even gone He is as a true christian whose writings live on to still teach. I love how he said “The Holy Spirit makes a man willing to learn”. Be Blessed Dear sister in Christ.

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