Wondrous Mystery- God in Flesh

“Mine ears hast Thou opened…A body hast Thou prepared Me. .” – Psalm 40:6 ; Hebrews 10:5

When the Savior came, His ear was not as ours, but was attentive to the divine voice…As man, He had a divine instinct of holiness, which made Him to know and love the Father’s will, and caused Him always to translate that will into His own life. You see He came with an opened ear, and some think that here we have an allusion to the boring of the ear in the case of the servant who had a right to liberty, but refused to quit his servitude, because he loved his master, and wished to remain with him for ever. It is not certain that there is any such reference; but it is certain that our Lord was bound for ever to the service which He had undertaken for His Father, and that He would not go back from it. He pledged Himself to redeem us, and He set His face like a flint to do it. He loved His Father, and He loved His chosen so much that He vowed to execute the Father’s work, even to what I might call “the bitter end,” if I did not know that it was a sweet and blessed end to Him.

“A body hast Thou prepared Me.” In the fullness of time He came into that body, which was admirably adapted to enshrine the Godhead. Wondrous mystery, that the infant of Bethlehem should be linked with the Infinite; and that the weary man by the shores of Galilee should be very God of very God, revealed in a body prepared for Him! “A body hast Thou prepared Me”: He had a prepared ear and a prepared body…He from old eternity dwelt with God: the Word was in the beginning with God, and the Word was God…There was fashioned by the Holy Ghost, in the womb of the blessed Virgin, a body fitted to embody the Son of God. Wrought mysteriously, by means into which we must not inquire-for what God hath veiled must remain covered-that body was suited to set forth the great mystery, “God manifest in the flesh.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon


12 thoughts on “Wondrous Mystery- God in Flesh

    • I don’t celebrate this admixture pagan/papist/traditions of men “holy” day. As a Christian, neither should you. God is not amused with disobedience. Let me send you a dear sister’s post with scriptures, though not exhaustive, but surely from a loving heart (mine doesn’t seem to show much when it comes to my brethren being deceived by satan; for the Christ of Christ Mass is not our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus of the Bible):



      • Wow, Sherry. I don’t appreciate your legalistic judgment on me. I am not being deceived by satan or anyone else. I love Jesus with all of my heart. If you don’t know that by now, then you don’t know me at all and you haven’t been listening to what the Lord preaches through me on my blog. I am not a Catholic or a pagan. I am not disobeying the Lord. You might want to check your heart before you go pointing your finger at your brothers and sisters in Christ. I honor, glorify, and worship Jesus on this day and every day. I will not be following your blog anymore. Grace and peace to you.


      • If obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ is legalism then I am proudly guilty! You let traditions of men make void the commandments of God just like the Pharisees did. But I have become your enemy because I tell you the truth. Truth offends. Love confronts. Defending your disobedience to God’s Word is idolatry. Spurgeon even said that wrong worship to the true God is idolatry. That’s what brought God’s judgement on the Israelites. They were worshiping God with pagan traditions, too. May God open your eyes of understanding so that you may come out from among them. The whole world loves X Mass which is proof that it is not of God for we are to be hated for our love of Jesus Christ which means that X Mass would be hated. I celebrate His birth almost daily but I obey God in not incorporating paganism into my celebration nor do I make holy what God has not made holy. May God bless you to see what He is telling you.


      • If I thought you did not love our Beloved Lord and Savior Jesus I would not have said anything to you. I would have just deleted your comment. I am not pointing my finger in judgementalism but I am directing you to scriptures and doing as the Lord would have me in calling your attention to this sin. You do not know the seriousness of the error you are in. May the Holy Spirit reveal it and convict you as He did for me. Amen and amen!


    • Thank you! I did not know that. Have a wonderfully blessed day, amen! \o/

      Since I love to do research I found that “scripture” is not always capitalized even in the Scriptures! One example and, in the KJV, there are many, is Matthew 22:29
      King James Version

      Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

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      • Glad to know you like to do research. I cannot attest to the KJV’s scriptural capitalization or punctuation. In Seminary, the SBL format requires Bible, Scripture, books of the Bible, Law to be capitalized; however, biblical, scriptural are lower case. It’s a form of differentiation that iby capitalizing Scripture, it makes clear what Scripture one is speaking of, the Holy Bible. I appreciate your taking the time to research this in light of the KJV; however, I will continue to write Scripture. Grace and peace to you!.

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      • KJV isn’t the only one that doesn’t capitalize scripture. I’ve seen scholars use the lower case, too. If I was talking to someone who is not a Christian and I wanted to express my biblical view then I would capitalize so as to show its superiority over the world view. Please be careful with all of your learning when dealing with brothers and sisters in Christ who don’t tow your scholarly standard. To come on my post here with an admonition to capitalize scripture and say nothing else makes me wonder if your heart was right. It comes off sounding like you were triggered over my comment to Ryan… But, that’s for our holy God to judge, brother.

        God bless you, amen! \o/

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  1. Hey, Sherry! I most certainly thought your response to Ryan was extreme; however, it’s your blog and your passionate about hating Christmas which is your prerogative/right as it is your blog! My response did come from a place where I was like wow, if you’re gonna speak harshly to someone at least say, “Scripture”!

    How I came upon your blog was that I was on Beth’s blog first (who is a sweet soul and interacts graciously with those who differ) and then ended up on the Xmas haters blog and then clicked on your gravatar and ended up on this post.

    I am your sister-in-Christ, my name is Mandy. I have been transparent in my response before God, to you and to the whomsoever who read this blog as to my heart in writing you and how I came to your blog.


    • Hmmm… With a name like Blue Collar Theologian I was expecting you to be a male.

      There’s no harshness in my response to Ryan. But those who don’t like being told that God hates X Mass will always see rebuke as harsh. Capital “S” is rather petty to point out. Yes, Beth is good at gracious responses, better than I am as I stated in my comment to Ryan. How ever I state things does not negate the fact that God hates pagan/papist/ traditions of men feast days in worship to Him. He is to be obeyed and I will continue to speak up no matter what anyone has to say about it; unless they can show me through scriptures where God approves of it. And do it without twisting the true meaning of the scripture. Acts 19:19 shows us how we are to treat paganism. Jesus of the Christ Mass is NOT our Beloved Savior of the scriptures. You worship another “Jesus” at Christ Mass and Easter. It matters how God sees it and matters only if He hates it, not if I hate it or you and Ryan love it.

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      • Sherry, I could not care less if you hate Christmas and speak out against it, that is fine! You’re more than welcome to call me saying “S”cripture is petty, to me that is a form of handling God’s Word. I should not have engaged with you because you find it acceptable to speak rudely to people as if it’s honoring to God. Again, hate Christmas, warn people about it, I do not care but to not see that you were harsh to Ryan is between you and God. I pray God uses you to be a light and not the sower of discord and you can say the same of me!

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