Live for Eternity, Live for Christ’s Glory and Live to Win Souls

For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain. – Philippians 1:21

It is a dreadful thing to see men, who profess to be Christians, unwilling to die. Should it be so that, when we feel ourselves ill, and likely to die, we should have a host of matters to arrange and many regrets to express? Dear brethren, begin your regrets earlier, while there is time to retrieve the past. Regret now, and ask for grace now to do all that is in you for Him who loved you, and bought you with His blood. As for you who have no redeeming blood upon you, I do not marvel that you live to yourselves. O you who despise Christ, I do not wonder if you despise yourselves so much as to be the slaves of pleasure! But you, who are the elect of God, who are bought by the blood of Jesus, who are called by His Spirit, who profess to be His people—you have nobler things to live for. I pray you, make us not to be ashamed of you by living as if you were mere worldlings, who have their portion in this life. Live for eternity. Live for Christ’s glory. Live to win souls. Behave as occupiers under a Royal Owner should behave. With such a Landlord, the best in the whole universe, be also the best of tenants, and evermore be mindful of the time of your removal to another land…

“Gird up your mind to contemplation, trembling inhabitant of the earth; Tenant of a hovel for a day, you are heir of the universe forever! For, neither congealing of the grave, nor gulphing waters of the firmament, nor expansive airs of heaven, nor dissipative fires of Gehenna, nor rust of rest, nor wear, nor waste, nor loss, nor chance, nor change, shall avail to quench or overwhelm the spark of soul within thee!”

~ C.H. Spurgeon


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