Willing Slaves

You can be a slave to sin, which leads to death, or you can choose to obey God, which leads to righteous living. – Romans 6:16

I am often amazed in my soul at what men will do for that black master, the devil. Why, sirs, the devil will sometimes summon men to one of his conventicles at the street corner, where the gas is flaming, and they will cheerfully obey the summons…These willing slaves drink at their master’s bidding, though the cup makes their brain reel, sets their heart on flame, and makes them unable to keep their feet. Yes, and when he still cries, “Drink, yea, drink abundantly,” these faithful servants swallow down the poison till they lie down like logs, or roar like demons. They will keep putting the cup of death to their lips, till delirium tremens comes upon them and possesses them as with hell itself. Thousands obediently render homage to Satan by drinking away their lives and ruining their souls. How much further they go in serving their master than we do in following ours! Yes, Satan is marvelously well-obeyed by his servants. His rent is regularly paid, and yet he is not the rightful owner, and has no title to the house of manhood. Yes, men will even run after him to offer their homage. They will throw down their lives before his juggernaut car of profligacy and cast themselves beneath its wheels, while the golden chariot of Christ, paved with love for men, traverses their streets, and they have not a word of acclamation or of praise for that Prince of Peace. O come, you servants of Jesus, and be ashamed of this! Come and render to your Lord your full service. Throw your hearts’ enthusiasm into your religion. Be at least as earnest for God as others are for the devil. Be at least as self-denying and self-sacrificing as they are who run the mad career of sin. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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