Shall a Living Man Complain?

Let my mouth be filled with Thy praise and with Thy honour all the day. – Psalm 71:8

To live in the perpetual exercise of praise to God, is at once the Christian’s duty and delight. “Nay,” says one, “but we cannot do that, we have other things to think of.” But remember, when the praises of God are not on our lips, they should be in our hearts. The incense was in the censer even when it was not smoking—our praise should abide with us till opportunity permits the holy fire to be applied. Besides, I believe that our God is best praised in common things. He who mends a shoe with a right motive is praising God as much as the seraph who pours forth his celestial sonnet. You in your workshops, you in your families, you on your sickbeds, you anywhere according to your avocations—if you offer, through Jesus the Mediator, the love of your hearts—are paying the rent of praise unto God Most High. Oh, to be continually doing this! But brethren, I am afraid that we are in arrears. Those of us who have paid the most rent are still far behindhand. Yes, you were grumbling this morning—that was not rendering a worthy recompense for benefits received. Shall a living man complain? There are some who do little else but complain. They complain of the times, of the weather, of the government, of their families, of their trade. If, for once, they would complain of themselves they might have a more deserving subject for fault-finding. The Lord is good and does good, and let His name be blessed. Let us, as His people, avow that, though He slay us, yet we will trust in Him. And if He make us groan under His heavy hand, we will even weep out His praises, and our expiring sigh shall be but a note of our life’s psalm, which we hope to exchange full soon for the song of the celestial host above. Praising and blessing God in life, practically by obedience, and heartily with gratitude—this is the rent which is due for the house in which we dwell. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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