The Season of Quiet Contemplation

My beloved spoke, and said to me: “Rise up, my love, my fair one, And come away…” -Song of Songs 2:10

There are precious hours, blessed be God, when we forget the world-times and seasons when we get quite away from it, when our weary spirit wings its way far, far from scenes of toil and strife. There are precious moments when the angel of contemplation gives us a vision. He comes and puts his finger on the lip of the noisy world; he bids the wheels that are continually rattling in our ears be still; and we sit down, and there is a solemn silence of the mind. We find our heaven and our God; we engage ourselves in contemplating the glories of Jesus, or mounting upwards towards the bliss of heaven-in going backward to the great secrets of electing love, in considering the immutability of the blessed covenant, in thinking of what wind which “bloweth where it listeth,” in remembering our own participation of that life which cometh from God, in thinking of our blood-bought union with the Lamb, of the consummation of our marriage with Him in realms of light and bliss, or any such kindred topics. Then it is that we know a little about heaven.

Christian! when you are enabled by the Spirit to hold a season of sweet contemplation, then you can say, “But He hath revealed them unto us by His Spirit;” for the joys of heaven are akin to the joys of contemplation, and the joys of a holy calm in God.~ C.H. Spurgeon

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