Our Divine Service

Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to His name. -Hebrews 13:15

You are all priests, because you love His dear name and have a great sacrifice to perform; not a propitiation for your sins, for that has been once offered, but a sacrifice this day of holy thanksgiving. Oh! how sweet in God’s ear is the prayer of His people! That is the sacrifice that He accepts; and when their holy hymn swells upwards towards the sky, how pleasant it is in His ears; because then He can say, “My hosts of priests are sacrificing praise.”

And do you know, beloved, there is one point in which most of us fail in our oblations before God? We offer our prayer, we present our praise; but how little do we sacrifice of our substance unto the Lord!…As a priest of the Lord, will you not sacrifice something to the Lord this day? Here we have a great object before us (the church building); we want more room for the crowds who come to hear the gospel. It seems important, when such a throng is gathered, that none should go away. Ought we not to bless God that they come?…Now, ye priests, sacrifice to the Lord. Let the priests build the house of Lord; let those who worship in the sanctuary take up the trowel today; let the mortar and the brick be laid, and let this house be once more filled with the glory of the Lord, and an abundant congregation.~C.H. Spurgeon


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