A Feast for Love

And the wedding hall was filled with guests. – Matthew 22:10

A king’s son is to be honored on the day of his marriage, in what way shall it be done? Barbarous nations have their great festivals, and alas, that men should have sunk so low; on such occasions rivers of human blood are made to flow. To this very day, on the borders of civilisation, there is found a wretched tyrant whose infernal customs, for I dare not call them by a less severe term, command the murder of hundreds of his fellow creatures in cold blood, on certain high days and festivals. Thus, would the monster honor his son by acting like a fiend. No blood is poured forth to honor the Son of heaven’s great King…Jesus the Savior, on His wedding-day with manhood, is glorified by mercy, not by wrath. If blood be mentioned on such a day, it is His own by which He is glorified…It has been the custom of most kings to signalise a princely wedding by levying a fresh tax or demanding an increased subsidy from their subjects…but the King of kings deals with us not after the manner of man. He asks no dowry for His Son; He makes the marriage memorable not by demands but by gifts. Nothing is sought for from the people, but much is prepared for them, gifts are lavishly bestowed, and all that is requested of the subjects is, that they for a while merge the subject in the more honorable character of the guest, and willingly come to the palace, not to labor or serve at the table, but to feast and to rejoice. Matthew Henry says, “A feast is for love and for laughter, for fullness and for fellowship.” It is even so with the gospel. It is for love; in the gospel, sinner, you are invited to be reconciled to God, you are assured that God forgives your sins, ceases to be angry, and would have you reconciled to Him through His Son. Thus, love is established between God and the soul. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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