The Unique Counsel of the Gospel

…that He might be just, and the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus. – Romans 3:26

When the Three Divine Persons in the solemn seclusion of Their own loneliness consulted together with reference to the works of grace, one of the first things They had to consider was, how God should be just and yet the justifier of the ungodly-how the world should be reconciled unto God…The Son of God, with His Father and the Spirit, ordained the council of peace. Thus, was it arranged. The Son must suffer; He must be the substitute and must bear His people’s sins and be punished in their stead; the Father must accept the Son’s substitution and allow His people to go free, because Christ had paid their debts. The Spirit of the living God must then cleanse the people whom the blood had pardoned, and so they must be accepted before the presence of God, even the Father…I have always thought that one of the greatest proofs that the gospel is of God, is its revelation that Christ died to save sinners. That is a thought so original, so new, so wonderful; you have not got it in any other religion in the world; so that it must have come from God. As I remember to have heard an un-schooled and illiterate man say, when I first told him the simple story of how Christ was punished in the stead of His people: he burst out with an air of surprise, “Faith! that’s the gospel, I know; no man could have made that up; that must be of God.” That wonderful thought, that God Himself should die, that He himself should bear our sins, that so God the Father might be able to forgive and yet exact the utmost penalty, is super-human, super-angelic; not even the cherubim and seraphim could have been the inventors of it: but that thought was first struck out from the mind of God in the councils of eternity, when the “Wonderful, the Counsellor,” was present with His Father. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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