Is His Promise Truly Ours?

…they that seek the LORD shall not want any good thing. – Psalm 34:10

We must be among those who seek the Lord heartily, not merely saying that we do, or wishing that we did, but, filled with the Holy Spirit, and in the power of His blessed residence in our souls, we must be panting after God’s glory heartily, otherwise I do not see that we can put our hands on the promise without presumption. We must be seeking it honestly, too, for there is a way of seeking God’s good and your own at the same time- I mean having a sinister and selfish motive. We may preach, and not be preaching only for God at all. A man may live in the Sanctuary, in holy engagements from morning until night and yet may never ardently, intensely seek the Lord. A man may be a great giver to charities, a great attender at prayer-meetings, a great doer of all kinds of Christian work, and yet he may never seek the Lord, but may yet be seeking to have his name known, to be noted as a generous man, or be merely seeking to get merit to himself, or self-complacency to his own conscience. It is a downright honest desire to serve and glorify God while we are here that is meant in the text. If we have got it-and I think we may readily see whether we have or not-then is the word of the Psalmist true to us.

Oh! may God grant that we may all be able truly to say, “I seek the Lord; I am sure, I am certain that I seek Him,” for if we can feel that that is true, then we can take the promise of the text; if not, we may not touch it. If we, as professing Christians, fire not at top and bottom, in heart, and soul, and spirit, and in all that we do, really seeking the glory of God, the promise does not belong to us; but if we can from our very souls declare, “Notwithstanding a thousand infirmities, yet, Lord, Thou knowest all things: Thou knowest that I love Thee, and that I seek Thine honour,” then this is true of us, and no one of us shall want any good thing. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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