Consider the Probabilities of It

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. – Romans 10:17

The only way by which you can be saved is by faith. Take that to be settled. Now if a man says, “I cannot believe such a thing”-what then? What is his wisest course? Suppose you find a difficulty in believing a report-what do you do? why, you consider the probabilities of it. Suppose it, had been rumoured that the emperor Napoleon had shot himself. Shall I believe the report? I will ask whence the rumor comes, what intelligence corroborates it, upon what authority it is stated, and soon by that means I arrive at a conclusion whether it is probably true or is a mere idle tale. Now if you earnestly desire to believe, faith is the gift of God, and a work of the Spirit, but God works according to the laws of mind, and faith in Christ will most readily come to you in conformity with those laws. “Faith cometh by hearing,” how by hearing? Why, because by hearing I learn the truth concerning Christ, and what I hear commends itself to my judgment and understanding, and so I come to believe. Faith comes to us by reading which is another form of hearing. Read what the Scripture has to say about the Messiah and His work, and you will be helped to believe God’s testimony, by knowing what it is and on what authority it comes to you…Is it not a marvellous system that God should be pleased to put away sin through an atonement, by laying the sin upon another, and punishing it in the person of His Son? Do you know of any other system that would meet the case so well, that would be so suitable to you? I believe that the authenticity of Scripture is better proved by the very existence of this doctrine than by anything else, for no human mind could ever have contrived or conceived of a way so just to God, and yet so infinitely gracious. I feel sure it is true, I am certain of it. Then I find it promised over and over again by God Himself, that if I trust Christ I shall have the benefit of all His work. I therefore believe the thing is reasonable, it is proclaimed by divine authority. I have God’s promise for it, I know that the Almighty One cannot lie; I cheerfully accept what He provides for me, and I am saved. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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