Dear Seeker…

Seek the LORD while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. – Isaiah 55:6

You have perhaps heard the incident of a dove pursued by a hawk, which flew into the bosom of a man who was walking in the fields, and you remember that it was safely protected by him whom it had trusted. The dove would not of itself have flown there, but under the terror of the hawk it sought a shelter. You have been afraid of Jesus, you have thought He would not receive you. But now that hell pursues you, be venturesome, and fly to Him. If Christ stood with a drawn sword in His hand, you had better run on the point of His sword than perish without Him. O come thou to Him, driven by desperation itself, if by nothing else, come into His bosom! Thou shalt have peace at once. But all the while thou remainest seeking, I know not in what distracted manner, thou art wasting time, thou art missing comfort, thou art losing opportunities of happiness. Cease thy seeking, for there is the Man whom you seek. He stands revealed before thee. Reach hither thy finger and put it into the print of the nails; or if that be too bold, touch but the hem of His garment, and thou shalt be made whole.

You are a seeker, and I am glad you are but if you will not put your trust in Jesus and lay your burden down at the cross where He offered the great sacrifice, it is no marvel if you continue to seek in vain. It will be a great sorrow, but it will not be a great wonder, if you become at last despairing, and are shut up in the iron cage. O man, O woman, break away from this. May God’s Holy Spirit come to your rescue now! Give up thine own ideas of how to get peace and take God’s method of salvation, and lay hold on eternal life by trusting in the Savior slain. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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