Faith’s Joy

God hath spoken in His holiness; I will rejoice… – Psalm 108:7

Are any of you heavy of heart just now? If so, I hope you will catch the spirit of David when he uttered these words. You ought to be glad that “God hath spoken in His holiness,” and you must be glad if you feel and know that He has spoken to you. “God hath spoken: I will rejoice.”

Observe that this joy, which faith has, is a joy in the very fact that God hath spoken. Though nothing may yet have been done for us, God hath spoken, and therefore our heart rejoices. Every divine promise, if it be rightly viewed by faith, will make the heart leap for joy. Suppose you do not need that particular promise just now, rejoice all the same, for you will need it by-and-by. If the promise is not made specially to you, yet it is made to somebody; therefore, rejoice that “God hath spoken” so as to meet the needs of somebody else’s case. What if the blessing be too high for you to reach at present? Nevertheless, rejoice that there are mercies stored up for future and more advanced stages of your spiritual growth. And suppose the mercy is one that you long ago enjoyed; still be glad that you did enjoy it in years past, and so rejoice that “God hath spoken.” Oh, what hymns of praise there are in this blessed Book, if this be the theme of our song, “God hath spoken”! Then, the very first pages of Genesis ought to make us rejoice, and we will rejoice because we know how He made the worlds. Pass along through every page and feast your eyes upon every line of every page, and say all the while, “‘God hath spoken in His holiness; I will rejoice.’ This shall be the subject of my joy all the day long; and, in the night watches, will I rejoice in His Word.” ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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