Wait for God’s Appointed Time

Until the time that his word came: the word of the LORD tried him. The king sent and loosed him; even the ruler of the people and let him go free. _ Psalm 105:19. 20

The time was in God’s hands, and it was very wisely ordered. Suppose that the butler had thought of Joseph, and had spoken to Pharaoh about the interpretation of his dream, the probabilities are that when the courtiers of Pharaoh’s court heard it they would have made the halls of the palace ring with laughter; and the magicians would especially have poured scorn on the idea that a slave boy who had been imprisoned for scandalous behavior knew more about interpreting dreams than the wise men of Egypt who had been brought up to the art and had gained high degrees in the profession. It would have been a theme of ridicule all over the land. It was the wrong time, and God would not let the butler recollect, because that recollection would have marred the plot and spoiled the whole business: but God’s “until” came at the nick of time when Joseph was ready for court, and when Pharaoh was ready to appreciate Joseph. The hour needed its man, and here was the hour for the man. The straight way from the dungeon to the throne was not open until Pharaoh dreamed his dream, then must Joseph come forth and not before. Oh, brother, sit still and wait. The deliverance you are craving for is not ripe yet; wait while the word tries you, for that same word will in due time set you free.

You see, brethren, there is a time of deliverance, and the time is fixed of God, and it is a right time: therefore, we have quietly to wait for it…Bear on, young man, bear on. Ay, and grey-headed man, bear on, bear on. The anvil breaks the hammers in the long run; bear on, bear on. The rock breaks the billows and is not itself broken. Bear the trials which come to you from God and from His word with joy and patience, for the end is not yet, but when it cometh it shall be everlasting joy. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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