Fuel for the Flame of Gratitude

The LORD is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. – Psalm 103:8

We should have a vivid sense of the mercies we have received, or we cannot bless God aright for them. You who have not yet received spiritual blessings, should not be forgetful of His temporal mercies: it is surely sufficient cause for lively thanksgiving that you are not upon a bed of sickness; that you are not in the lunatic asylum; that you are not in the workhouse; that you are not on the borders of the grave; that you are not in hell; that you still have food and raiment, and that you are where the gospel is graciously presented to you. Should not all this be thought of? Should not this be fuel for the flame of gratitude? As for us who have tasted spiritual blessings, if our minds were awake, we should think of eternal love and His going forth from eternity; of redeeming love, and the streams that flow from the fount of Calvary; of God’s immutable love and His patience with our ill-manners in the wilderness; of covenant mercy, of mercies yet to come; of heaven and the bliss hereafter. Such recollections should call up our whole man to praise the Lord. If the innumerable benefits which we receive were thought of and dwelt upon, the contemplation would put a force, a volume, a body into our song…To praise God is to stand in the immediate presence of the blessed and only Potentate. Do not even seraphs veil their faces in that august presence? With what earnestness of spirit should we praise!.. Let all sleepiness be put away in the presence of the ever-wakeful Jehovah, before whose eyes all things are naked and open. He never slumbereth nor sleepeth, so as to make a pause in His mercy to us: let not our slumbering spirits cause an omission of our grateful song. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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