Longing for that Heavenly Land

Therefore, they did set over them taskmasters to afflict them with their burdens. – Exodus 1:11

If you were put into the conservatory of a gracious providence, you might be content to dwell below always. We soon take root in this soil, for we are earthy by nature, and we cling to earth- like to its like. But when there comes the jeer, the unkind remark, the cruel innuendo, the bitter sarcasm, then we feel, “This is not my rest: I must seek better company than this, a better land, and a better portion than I shall find this side of Jordan.” And then we long for the home-bringing, when the King, the Husband, shall fetch home His spouse, and the marriage shall be consummated in the skies. Oh! how sometimes, when the world has been very cold you have longed for the warm bosom of your Savior! You would have nestled in the world’s bosom if you could, but when she would not receive you but thrust you forth, then you came to your true self, and exercised your right senses, and you said, “I will return unto my husband. It was better with me then than now.” O that our hearts were always set on heaven! There is our treasure: there let our hearts be also. There is our Lord and King: to Him should our hearts fly. There are the best ones of our families, our relations, who are everlastingly our associates, brethren and sisters whose brotherhood and sisterhood no death can bring to an end-

“There my best friends my kindred dwell,
There God my Savior reigns.”

We ought to long for that land: and I say the whip of persecution is helpful, because it makes us learn that this is the house of bondage, and moves us to long after and seek for the land of liberty-the land of joy. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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