Because Christ Hath Died

It is Christ that died… – Romans 8:34

The first reason why the Christian never can be condemned is because CHRIST HATH DIED. We believe that in the death of Christ there was a full penalty paid to divine justice for all the sins which the believer can possibly commit. We teach that the whole shower of devine wrath was poured upon Christ’s head, that the black cloud of vengeance emptied out itself upon the cross, and that there is not left in the book of God a single sin against a believer, nor can there possibly be even a particle of punishment ever exacted at the hand of the man that believeth in Jesus, for this reason, -that Jesus has been punished to the full. In full tale hath every sin received sentence in His death. He hath suffered, the just for the unjust, to bring us to God…Ah! we may look around and defy all our sins to destroy us. This shall be an all-sufficient argument to shut their clamorous mouths, “Christ hath died.” Here cometh one and he cries, “Thou hast been a blasphemer.” Yes, but Christ died a blasphemer’s death, and He died tor blasphemers. “But thou hast stained thyself with lust.” Yes, but Christ died for the lascivious. The blood of Jesus Christ, God’s own Son, cleanseth us from all sin; so away foul fiend, that also has received its due. “But thou hast long resisted grace, and long stood out against the warnings of God.” Yes, but “Jesus died;” and say what thou wilt, O conscience, remind me of what thou wilt; lo this shall be my sure reply, “Jesus died.” Standing at the foot of the cross, and beholding the Redeemer in His expiring agony, the Christian may indeed gather courage…There is in the death of Christ enough and more than enough. There is not only a sea in which to drown our sins, but the very tops of the mountains of our guilt are covered…There is not only enough to put our sins to death, but enough to bury them and hide them out of sight. I say it boldly and without a figure, -the eternal arm of God now nerved with strength, now released from the bondage in which justice held it, is able to save unto the uttermost them that come unto God by Christ. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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