Blessed in Our Times of Trouble

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. – Psalm 46:1

I do not know any emotion which can give greater joy than that of thankfulness to the Most High. Dear friends, the Lord has greatly blessed us in the name of Jesus in times of very special trouble. I may not be able to describe your personal trial, but I will take one as a specimen. Depression of spirits comes upon the man. He scarcely knows how or why, but his soul melteth because of heaviness. There is, at the back of his sadness, probably, some real trial: this he is very apt to magnify, and make more of than need be, and also to expect a dark and terrible calamity to come which will not come; but yet the foreboding is as real a trial as if the catastrophe had actually occurred. The poor despondent creature cannot endure himself, but almost grows weary of life. Like the king of Israel, who had all that heart could wish-gardens, and palaces, and singing men, and singing women-who had all the appurtenances, both of folly and of wisdom, to make him happy, yet he cries “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.” Nothing will cheer this child of grief: he is downcast and desolate. If you have ever gone through that experience, it has been a very great delight to you when you have got alone, and thought of your Lord Jesus, whose everlasting love cannot cease towards you, whose fullness of grace cannot be exhausted, whose power and faithfulness will always stand you in good stead. If, by a sort of desperate resolve, you have cast yourself upon Him, to sink or swim, to find everything in Him, or else to have nothing, you have risen up a new man altogether. You have felt, “I can face the adversary; I can meet the trial; for Jesus is mine.” Despair of spirit has fled when you have leaned hard on the Cross-bearer…You have been “blessed in Him,” and so you have survived every storm. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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