In Christ’s Likeness

 I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with Thy likeness. – Psalm 17:15

The Psalmist says we are to wake up in the likeness of God. This may refer to the soul; for the spirit of the righteous will be in the likeness of God as to its happiness, holiness, purity, infallibility, eternity, and freedom from pain; but specially, I think, it relates to the body because it speaks of the awaking. The body is to be in the likeness of Christ…I am to wake up in Christ’s likeness. I do not know what Christ is like and can scarcely imagine. I love sometimes to sit and look at Him in His crucifixion. I care not what men say-I know that sometimes I have derived benefit from a picture of my dying crucified Saviour; and I look at Him with His crown of thorns, His pierced side, His bleeding hands and feet, and all those drops of gore hanging from Him; but I cannot picture Him in heaven, He is so bright, so glorious; the God so shines through the man; His eyes are like lamps of fire; His tongue like a two-edged sword; His head covered with hair as white as snow, for He is the Ancient of days; He binds the clouds round about Him for a girdle; and when He speaks, it is like the sound of many waters! I read the accounts given in the book of Revelation, but I cannot tell what He is; they are Scripture phrases, and I cannot understand their meaning; but whatever they mean, I know that I shall wake up in Christ’s likeness. Oh; what a change it will be, when some of us get to heaven! Whatever may have been the form of our countenance, whatever the contour, the beautiful shall be no more beautiful in heaven than those who were deformed. Those who shone on earth, peerless, among the fairest, who ravished men with looks from their eyes, they shall be no brighter in heaven than those who are now passed by and neglected: for they shall all be like Christ. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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