God Helps Us to Come to Him

Say unto Him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips. – Hosea 14:2

You that are great, and good, and full, and inwardly strong, you will not return to God. You that are nothing, and less than nothing, you that are fallen in your own sight, you that cannot help yourselves, you are likely to come: I pray that you may come at once. I have set before you an open door that no man can shut: will you not enter? Come to my Lord this day. Come now and say, “Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously.” May God help us to be doing this, rather than talking and hearing about it!

Let us come to God, for He will help us to come. You see He helps us by giving us words; but as He never helps men to be hypocrites, He will also help us to feel the words. He who gives us words to speak, will give us grace to speak them sincerely. Are not these words the true desires of your hearts? On your knees, pour them out before God; present these petitions in silence, say, “Take away all iniquity, receive me graciously: so will I render the calves of my lips.” The Lord’s help will suffice, not only to teach us the manner of praying, but to give us the desire, the faith, the love, the resolve which make up this prayer. Let your coming to the Lord now be decisive and actual. Come, my friends, are you going to stick in the mud forever? Will you lie outside the wicket-gate throughout another year? God grant you may cry now, “Take away all iniquity: receive us graciously”! ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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