God’s Sacred Pleading to the Wandering One

O Israel, return unto the LORD thy God; for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity. – Hosea 14:1

“O Israel, return”! is a sorrowful, tender, gentle, wooing voice, which I beseech you to regard. Possibly some of you may have had to plead with one of your own children, who has been very willful, and has threatened to do that which would have been exceedingly injurious to him. You have said, “Oh, do not so, my son! Oh, do not so, my daughter!” and you have thrown your soul into your pleading. Even thus doth God, with sacred pathos, with love welling up from the depth of His heart, plead with every sinner and He words the pleading thus-“O Israel, return unto the Lord thy God.” The first motion towards reconciliation is never from the sinner, but always from God. The sinner does not cry, “O Lord, my God, permit me to return”; but the Lord Himself, who watches the wandering one, and sees him falling to his ruin, cries out, in the freeness of His grace, “O Israel, return!” What matters it to the Lord, though a man should even plunge down to hell? The Lord will be glorious, though the rebel perish. The Lord hath no need of men. Yet the Lord thinks much of wandering men, and longs for their return. Out of the freeness and riches of His love He calls them to Himself. He swears by His own life that He willeth not the death of the sinner, but that he turn unto Him, and live. Because of His spontaneous love and pity, He crieth, plaintively, “O Israel, return unto the Lord thy God.” Hearken, then, my hearers. If it were my call, you might refuse it with small blame: but it is God’s call: shall your Maker call in vain? Will you add to all your sin the turning of your back upon the God of love. Shall Jehovah cry in pity to your souls, and cry in vain? God grant it be not so! Here from this text, which, once written, remaineth, there soundeth out of the eternal deep of boundless mercy this cry of grace: “O Israel, return unto the Lord thy God”! ~ C.H. Spurgeon


2 thoughts on “God’s Sacred Pleading to the Wandering One

    • Yes, it reminded me of the summer Sunday in 1992 when Jesus came to me as I desired to return to Him – I thought it was too late for me, but He said differently, praises to our Beloved, amen! \o/

      We are so very blessed – blessed beyond measure! Have a wonderfully blessed day, sis, amen! \o/


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