Them That Are Out of the Way

Who can have compassion… on them that are out of the way… – Hebrews 5:2

I remember that, when I felt myself to be a very great sinner, and verily thought I was more of a sinner than anybody else, these words were very, very much blessed to me. I read them, “and on them that are out of the way”; and I knew that I was an out-of-the-way sinner. I was then, and I am afraid that I am now, somewhat like a lot out of the catalogue, an odd person who must go by himself. Very well; our High Priest can have compassion on those that are odd, on those that are out-of-the-way, on those who do not seem to be in the common run of people, and do not go with the multitude, but who must be dealt with individually, and by themselves. He can have compassion upon such.

To be out of the way is, in the case of all men, their natural state. “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way.” That is where we are all by nature, and our own way is out of the way. Therefore, Christ can have compassion upon all of us who come to Him; for He has learnt to deal with those who are out of the way, and such, literally, are we all.

“Like sheep we went astray,
And broke the fold of God
Each wandering in a different way;
But all the downward road.”

There are some who wander most foolishly. You wonder why they sin in the particular way that they do. There seems to be no reason for it, no motive for it, no special temptation in that direction, and yet, they will do it. They wander out of the way by themselves. Have you done so, dear friend? The Lord can have compassion on those that are out of the way. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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