Fitly Adore God

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God… – Romans 1:21

Many may be met with who know God, but never glorify Him as God, because they never adore Him, and worship Him, with the love of their hearts. They go to church or to some place of worship regularly, and sing psalms and hymns, and they may even have family-prayer at home; but their heart has never adored the living God with living love. Their worship has a name to live, but it is dead. They present to the Lord all the eternal harvest of worship, but the corn is gone, only the straw and the husk are there. And what is the value of your husky prayers? Your prayers are without a kernel, made up of the straw of words, and the chaff of formality? What is the value of professions of loyalty from a rebel? What is the worth of professed friendship to God when your heart is at enmity against Him? Is it not a mockery of God to present to Him a sacrifice “where not the heart is found”? When the Lord has to say, “They come as My people, and they sit as My people, and they sing as My people, but their heart is far from Me”, can He take any pleasure in them? May not God thus complain of many? Oh, let it not be so with you! Oh, my brethren, if we accept Jehovah as the living God, let us give Him the utmost love of our souls. Will you call a man brother, and then treat him like a dog? Dare you call God your God, and then act towards Him as though He were not worthy of a thought. With what joy does David cry, “I am Thy servant, and the son of Thine handmaid: Thou hast loosed my bonds”! This is the kind of spirit with which to deal with the Lord. Oh, to rejoice in God all the day, and to make Him our exceeding joy! Thus, and thus only, do we glorify Him as God. Without the fire of love no incense will ever rise from the censer of praise. If we do not delight in God we do not fitly adore God. ~ C.H. Spurgeon

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