Every Mercy Brings An Obligation With It

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful… – Romans 1:21

Are there not many rich men to whom it never occurs to feel bound to serve the Lord who gave them power to get wealth? Are there not many healthy persons, sound of limb, and strong in constitution, who yet do not praise the God who has kept them from sickness and death? Are any of us sufficiently grateful for our talents, our faculties, our friends, our daily provisions? Do we not all receive a large amount of blessing for which we do not render praise to God? The fact that every mercy brings an obligation with it, and we that receive most ought to render most; for we receive nothing from God without being thereby naturally and of right laid under bonds to return to Him the glory due unto His name. We are tenants, whose rent is to be paid in service and praise. It is a very blessed obligation! It is a happy bond to be bound to praise and bless God! Praise is no more a burden to a true heart than song to a bird, or perfume to a flower, or twinkling to a star. Adoration is no taxation. God’s revenue of glory comes from myriads of free-will offerings, which gracious spirits delight to present to Him all their days. Yet there are some who know God, but they glorify Him not as God: they rob Him of that which it should be their life to bring. They seem to say that they are their own, and not God’s: they may live as they please; they may serve themselves.

God grant us grace to avoid this cruel provocation, and may we glorify God as God by practically owning the obligation under which His mercy places us. ~ C.H. Spurgeon


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